The Environment is Everybody’s Home

Little things done with great love will change the world

Green remodeling and building disciplines present a new frontier for our industry.  Integrating environmental responsible business practices can no longer be avoided.  This new reality is something we must embrace to insure our own healthy existence, the impact we have on the environment and we must continuously look to the horizon to provide for future generations.

For some, it’s about health – others it’s about energy conservation – yet other saving the rainforest.  In the building sector it’s about creating a safe, healthy, efficient and ecofriendly environment that’s by-product is a higher quality of life for us all.

We must be cognizant of our responsibility as business owners by integrating profitability and environmentally sound programs while reflecting nature’s productivity and waste management systems. When we are successful at integrating individual needs with positive environmental impacts, we contribute to our community by sharing what we have learned and engaging in the conversation of how sustainable business practices enhance our lives while meeting the planets need to recover.

By uniting our efforts via education and awareness of Life Principles we as members of NARI commit to healthy and socially conscious business practices.  Our successes are those that enhance and support healthy living for everyone.

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